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Foshan lion building materials Co., Ltd.


Foshan Ou Mai lion building materials Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in ceramic tile adhesive, latex paint, water-based metal coatings, waterborne wood coatings, water-based floor paint, water-based paint, pitch waterproof coating and other raw materials research and development, sales and technical consulting and integrated service providers, to provide raw materials and technical services for the country thousands of related enterprises. 2015 Foshan Ou lion building materials Co., to integrate industry resources, set sail again, the introduction of strategic cooperation, build a new ecological chain, the company invested heavily to introduce production process of German and central standard (Guangzhou) Quality Research Institute, Guangzhou Research Institute of synthetic materials such as many domestic research institutions through cooperation, R & D personnel continue testing improvement has developed a super adhesive and excellent freeze-thaw resistance, excellent permeability, water environmental protection, aging resistance, easy construction, durable in harsh natural climate environment simulation laboratory in the replacement of the use of the product, life can reach more than 30 years, and the Guangdong Province Quality Inspection Center for identification, and access to national patents certificate. "The European lion Mai" development of liquid ceramic tile adhesive success will completely remove the vast number of consumers for ceramic tile, marble, stone and other products, brought off the troubles of hollowing. Foshan lions step building materials to uphold the spirit of artisans, wisdom to create good products, services million, to build the first brand of liquid ceramic tile glue, so that home life more comfortable, and promote the harmonious development of man and nature.

Telephone hotline
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